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About Us

The Kennedy Canine Center is owned-and-operated by dog trainer and canine behavior modification specialist Michael Kennedy. As a young boy, Kennedy realized he had a knack for handling dogs. Born and raised in New York City, he grew up at a time when stray dogs were rampant in Manhattan.

From an early age, he would befriend the stray dogs in his neighborhood, consistently gaining the trust of even the most fearful animals. Easily capturing the dogs and bringing them home, he soon found that he'd filled his parents' apartment with "fostered" strays. He eventually landed a job as a trainer for the ASPCA in New York City.

Michael, Dog Training in Tuckahoe, NY

It all began when Michael Kennedy trained his first dog at the age of 16, a Doberman Pinscher he'd rescued named Beauty. His neighbors had been telling him about a stray Doberman that they'd seen roaming the area, which looked to be in very poor condition, but was unapproachable and very scared. Michael was not only able to approach the dog, but quickly gained her confidence enough to be able to place a lead around her neck.

He brought the dog back to his parents' house, but unfortunately she did not get along with the other dogs in the apartment (which already included a number of other strays). Luckily, Michael's father was the super of the building and allowed him to keep the dog in one of the empty apartments.

After bringing the dog back from the brink of starvation, Michael trained her in basic obedience. After re-socializing Beauty, he discovered how much easier it was to place an obedience-trained dog, and this thinking led him to his first training job at the ASPCA.

By 19, he had already worked for a number of veterinarians and as a junior handler in the show ring. At Mercy College, he continued to hone his skills, majoring in veterinary technology and studying animal behavioral psychology. At 20, he entered the NYC police department, where his skill with dogs earned him the designation of canine response car for West Harlem and Washington Heights.

After 12 years with the NYPD, he opened Kennedy Canine Center in a storefront in the Bronx. There he serviced the people of Riverdale and the surrounding community for 10 years, teaching group obedience classes and developing personalized behavior modification plans for his clients.

Michael Kennedy has been described by the NY Daily News™ as a quick-witted, high-energy trainer, with a no-nonsense approach that transfers to his clients. Kennedy's approach rests on the fundamental notion that there are no bad dogs, and that any dog can be transformed into a loving, obedient member of the family with the right training. He currently operates out of Tuckahoe, New York, and consults for Maxim™ magazine as their canine expert.

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